We works specifically in the sector of tire production and the chemistry of its components.

Since 2007, Isogran's staff has been dedicated to promoting industrial solutions that are more respectful of people's health and to encourage the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions.

Isogran South Europe
Isogran South Europe Isogran South Europe
Isogran South Europe


From 1000 kg of rice, 30 kg of silica are obtained and the reduction of CO2 emissions is almost 3 time less (-140%) than a traditional production method.

An example are the cements, inks, lubricants in aqueous dispersions of the American APV Coatings, of which we have been the official representatives in Europe in the tire sector since 2007.

For about 3 years we have been committed to promoting silica from the rice production chain, the process of which allows a reduction in water consumption and carbon dioxide emissions compared to traditional systems used for silica from sand.

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