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APV specializes in engineered paints and coatings for a vast range of applications. Whether you are looking for stain blocking, UV resistance, corrosion protection, abrasion resistance, or a zero VOC coating alternative, APV has a formulation for you.

Water-based, Pre-cure Outside Tire Paint

Product Code: P-9990, P-9992, P-9346, P-9572

This line of Outside Tire Paint, also termed anti-blemish paint, is spray- applied to uncured or green rubber surfaces. In addition to improving aesthetics, Outside Tire Paint provides a clean release from the mold/ curing press. These paints are also used to promote rubber flow and air release, which eliminates lights, cracks, non-fills and blisters.

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Water-based, Post-cure Repair Paint

Product Code: P-9562, P-9217, P-9382, P-9383


Repair Paints are used on cured rubber in the final finish and inspection stage in tire and retread production. Repair Paints cosmetically hide imperfections on a tire sidewall

or tread surface, eliminating blemishes, scratches, chalk, crayon marks, etc. The product is spray-applied with an atomized spray gun for an even, smooth coverage.

Water-based, Post-cure Sidewall Protective Paints

Product Code: P-6922, P-6004


Protective Paints are used in the final finish stage in production on cured white lettering and white sidewall panels to maintain aesthetics and protect against staining. This product has been proven to minimize staining caused by stacking tires during storage, shipping and handling.

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